Calabash Gifts has a collection of functional and decorative bowls made from wood, ceramics, clay, stone and paper mache, The bowls come in many shapes sizes and price ranges. They make exceptional gifts for many occasions. They are all hand made with artistic designs which depict the talents of the creators.

Intu-Art Ceramic Zebra and Leopard Bowl


Annie Leslie, Guinea Fowl Serving Bowl


Weya Soup Bowls

$25 each

Weya Ceramic Bowls

$20 each

Clementina Large Ceramic Bowl


Clementina Bowls

$16 each

Dog, Bowl


Weya Metal Story Bowls and Plate

$30 - $40

Weya Metal Story Bowls

$28 - $30


Stone Bowls and Dishes

Stone Bowls

Colorful Nebula Bowls


Colorful Bowls