The crafts at Calabash Gifts are characteristic of each people. Some of them are items which can be found in different groups and share similarities, while others are unique to a a particular group and reflect the creativity and artistic talents of individuals. The techniques are passed down in the families. These are often the only source of income for some of the people and the crafts are traded between groups or sold in marketplaces to visitors. Many of the crafts are made from discarded items such as:
  • wire
  • tin
  • cans
  • paper
  • cloth
Many use the crafts as a way of contributing in an environmentally positive manner.

Craft vehicles

Colorful crafts

Wire Motorcycle

Bottle Cap Vehicle

Bottle Cap Purse-Sprite

Bottle Cap Purse

Bottle Cap Jeep

Craft Animals

Coca Cola Can Giraffe

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