Rhinos are one of the most endangered animals, as they are too frequently hunted for the features of their unusual horn. The Rhino is another of the Africa Big Five. The Rhino is featured in many items in our store with the other members of that elite group of animals. The collection of Rhino in Calabash Gifts displays the huge and almost prehistoric look of this animal. We have Rhino in many mediums including sculptures in wood, stone, metal and ceramic. The Rhinos are also featured in wall art and in some utilitarian household items.

Rhino Textile by Delia, South Africa


Verdite Rhinos


Malachite Rhinos

$35 - $60

Kisi Stone Candle Sticks

$16 each

Lumela Candles, Round Pots

$18 each

Lumela Candle, Flower Pots

$12 each

Swazi Animal Candles

$12 - $18

Colorful Cushions


Colorful Cushions


African Sky Cushions


Beaded Rhino


Beaded Rhino