Wood Carvings

Wood carvings are perhaps the most frequently used decorative items found in homes and public spaces. The beauty of the pieces rely on the skill of the carver as well as the natural beauty of color and special grains of the wood. Wood is used in a wide range of sculptures, depicting both realistic subjects and the creative imagination of the artist. Some of the carvings are for utilitarian use while others provide great decorations (trays, bowls, serving utensils, wall hooks, and trivets).

Elephant Stool, Ghana


Chief Chair, Zambia


Ebony Figures

$250 each

Woman Nursing Infant


Woman, Wood Carving


Generation Sculpture, Women


Woman's Face, Wood Carving


Ebony Generations Sculpture


Warrior Wood Carving, Tanganyika


Masai, Ebony Wood, Beaded Warrior


Masai, Ebony Wood, Beaded Women with Scythes

$36 each

Masai, Ebony Wood, Beaded Women


Masai, Makua Wood Figures

$28 - $38

Masai Figure


Ironwood Elephant Candle Stick, Malawi


Ironwood Candle Sticks, Malawi

$35 each

Ironwood Candle Sticks, Malawi

$40 each

Wooden Walking Stick, detail


Wooden Walking Sticks

$70 - 250

Wooden Walking Sticks

$70 - $76

Zulu Beaded Clubs

$60 each

Small Wooden Creatures

Small Wooden Animals

Zebra wood carving